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Classic Bee Pillow - MADE TO ORDER

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Crochet Bee Pillows with Regular Style Blush

10-11 inches long and 7-8 inches tall

Made with soft and plush yarn


*keep in mind that these are MADE TO ORDER - please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping so I can make the plushie with as much love as possible!*

Washing Instructions: As these are delicate handmade items, I recommend soaking in cold soapy water and gently handwashing it. Let it completely air dry - as some of these plushies are densely stuffed, this may take some time. If needed to be washed in a machine, please use a mesh laundry bag and use cool settings. If any yarn starts sticking out, just poke it back into a stitch :)

Please note: While I do use plastic safety washers and the eye is pretty secure in the stitch, it is still a choking hazard if the eye pops out. Please keep away from small children and do not let them suck/chew on this plushie