Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is your next restock/launch?

Typically I try to release my plushies at the end of every month. You can keep up with my Instagram @mirellesminis to see what I'm making for the month

2. Do you do customs/commissions?

No I do not

3. How do you determine your pricing?

Pricing is determined by my time, skill, and materials use. On average my pricing ranges from $50-$90.

4. Are these safe for children?

These plushies use Safety Eyes and while I do have plastic washers inside them which add extra security, constant chewing and pulling can loosen up the eye which can lead to it popping out of the stitch. Because of this, I don't recommend these plushies for younger children and babies as it can be a potential choking pattern.

5. How do you clean the plushies?

If washing is needed, it's best to gently soak in cold soapy water for 10-15 minutes, gently squeeze all of the water out, and let air dry completely. If plushie is larger and washing machine is needed, place plushie in a mesh laundry bag, gently wash with cold water, and dry on a gentle cycle with cool air. Gently poke your finger through any stitch to make sure that the stuffing inside is thoroughly dry.